Ashe Dryden

Ashe Dryden

Snarky Coder Chick

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Ashe Dryden and I’m a web designer/developer. I’m passionate about sex positive (re)education and gender/sexuality studies. I’m polyamorous, vegetarian, a knitter, and the owner of 4 frisky kitties. I am the inventor of the grilled cheese emoticon {[ ]}. I’m as snarky as they come. Challenging social norms seems to be something that comes naturally to me.

I’m big on community: I’m a member of Web414: a tech group that has monthly meetings as well as puts on other events such as BarCampMilwaukee, DrupalCampWI, and MilwaukeeDevHouse. I’m also the leader of ComingOutPoly/YoungMilwaukeePoly Group and a board member of Modern Poly — both organizations that support the polyamorous community.

What hardware are you using?

I’ve got a 15” unibody MacBookPro 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (my first mac!) which I carry around in my LowePro bag, which has the perfect amount of space + a great fit (the bag is important when you’re always on the road). I carry around a Western Digital Passport 300GB for just-in-case backups. My mobile is an iPhone 3GS 32GB and for all non-camera-phone photography I’ve got a Panasonic Lumix 8.5MP. That pretty much comprises my entire setup. I’m entirely mobile — I don’t have a desktop because I haven’t been able to find a comfortable desk + chair + job that allows me to work entirely from home. For now I enjoy the versatility of being able to work anywhere, anytime.

And what software?

For Web Design/Dev I use MAMP, Gitx, Aptana, Drupal, Google Quick Search, and Photoshop CS3. I use Harvest for time tracking and invoicing.

I use iTunes. I use google for everything that matters — search, browser, email, calendar, rss reader, and docs. Evernote has become invaluable to me — I use both the iPhone and the Mac app for things like web site ideas, to dos, grocery lists, meeting notes, and knitting patterns. I back everything up with Dropbox and use both the iPhone and the Mac app for that as well. The only social networks that are of any use to me are twitter, flickr, and

What would be your dream setup?

I’d probably go with the highest end 17” MacBook Pro available — max out the RAM, hard drive, and processor. I’ll take whatever the next gen iPhone is, highest capacity. A minimal desk with a chair that I can sit in for the 18hrs a day I find myself working. Desk, of course, would be placed in front of a window with an amazing view. To go on said desk, a 30” LED backlit monitor would work quite nicely. I could probably also go with the smallest possible scanner to be able to throw all of my receipts and tax info into Evernote for later use. A set of Bose QuietComfort 3 noise canceling headphones for everyday use (and especially long car rides or flights).

Software-wise, I want something to better manage my entire life — basically a personal assistant in app form — to do lists, email, calendar, little notes I take for later reference, everything. I want something well integrated that improves my workflow, makes my life easier, and keeps me highly organized. I’d also like the iTunes of the future — something that allows me to easily tag my extensive music collection.

Dream setup also includes time — time to read all of the books I want to get through, knit and craft like crazy, teach sex education/gender and sexuality studies, and somehow work tech into that mix — all while having the ability to learn continually.

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